Rauchanlage Rewe ButzbachBier quality butcher’s in the Rewe supermarket in Butzbach recently told us about their craft and passion for high-quality meat and sausage goods. The butcher’s was fitted with a full, thermal VOSS line to ensure their success. Three smoking and cooking systems, a 300-litre PRAKTIK cauldron and the 150-litre PRAKTIK autoclave ensure everything runs smoothly in the butcher’s. 

See the original report in the ‘Butzbacher Tageszeitung’ news publication here.

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We present top machines, factory-overhauled and checked.

Here all used machines currently available.
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Optimum energy transfer in canned foods


VOS Schott GmbH, Butzbach, offers sprinkler autoclaves for pasteurising and sterilising foodstuffs. The sprinkling process ensures optimum energy transfer for canned goods,” says Philipp Meinecke, Technical Manager at VOS Schott.

In the in-house test laboratory, the optimal programme for a product can be determined in conjunction with the customer during a trial cooking session. The core temperature and the F-value are recorded using Ellab loggers. The determined values can then be adopted into the customer‘s production process.


The traditional company VOS Schott from Butzbach in central Hesse is a solid-sized company in plant engineering for the food industry, pet food and pharmaceuticals.

Since 1 April 2017, the company has been under the overall responsibility of Business Studies graduate Angelika Freier, the current commercial manager.

Philipp Meinecke is at her side as technical manager, CTO and authorised signatory. He is the contact person for all customers and network partners in matters concerning technical topics.


GERMOS & NESS-Smoke, in Remshalden near Stuttgart, have been active in plant construction for the food industry for more than 50 years. The main areas of activity are smoking, baking, cooking, cooling and maturing. While GERMOS is the expert in steam condensation smoke processing, NESS-Smoke focuses on applications with friction smoke and smoulder smoke as well as cooking kettles. With their wide product range, GERMOS & NESS-Smoke are strong partners in the processing of all meat, fish and cheese products.

VOS Schott, in Butzbach, 40 km north of Frankfurt/Main, has been involved with the thermal treatment of food for more than 150 years. Traditional processes such as cooking, smoking or baking were just the beginning. Today the main interests and activities are focused on the thermal preservation of foods, PET food and pharmaceuticals through sterilisation and pasteurisation.

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